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It is no hidden fact that the audience here in India prefers commercial crap over pieces of art that are substantial and have beautiful meaning and message behind them. The testimony to the statement, being the success of Kakkars, the Honeys, and Singhs, the Badshahs who rule the Indian musical charts with millions and billions of hits. If you happen to like these artists, you need not worry. I am not judging!

Taking nothing away from the artists mentioned above, who sure have struggled a lot to get where they are today, I only intend to share the names of a few who deserve equal love and recognition by the audience. Even though they have their audience, who are dead loyal and supporting but somehow, the numbers do not add up to what they deserve in actuality. This editorial is nothing but a mere attempt to let you guys get familiar with some of them. Of course, it is impossible to mention all of them, so I would stick with ones who happen to be an integral part of my Spotify playlists. Here goes my list of Indie musical gems you should know!


One of the sweetest singers and human beings, PRATEEK KUHAD is a name in the Indie industry that is loved and appreciated by fans, nationally and internationally. His downbeat music and mollifying voice reach straight to the soul, alleviates the inner conscience into pure oblivion. He is best known for his track cold/mess, which got included in former USA president Barack Obama’s Favourite Music list of 2019. PRATEEK KUHAD is more than a singer to his fans, including myself. He is an emotion, a part of who we are.

Song Recommendation: Cold/mess, 100 words, Tum Jab Pass, Saansein, Kasoor, Tune Kaha, Raat Raazi.


Vipul Dhanaker, more popularly known by his on-screen name VILEN is a multi-talented artist who also composes music, writes the lyrics for his songs. He even directs his music videos and is also good with acting. A talent of his sort is truly unique and, so is his musical composition and voice. What makes him stand apart from the crowd is that each of his songs carries a unique meaning which touches various aspects and situations faced by youngsters.

Song recommendation: Ek Raat, Savan, Chidiya, Rataan, Aankhein, Off, Shamshaan.


Much like the Indie sensation Prateek Kuhad, Anuv’s music is dominated by acoustic or clean electric guitars. His lyrics talk about commonly felt emotions, which make his songs remarkably relatable.

In 2012, when he was in class 11, Anuv Jain opened his own YouTube Channel with the sole aim to produce good music. He uploaded his first song, “Meri Baaton Me Tu,” in the same year.

For a teenager to have such maturity in making music at that age is simply unheard.

Song Recommendation: Riha, Baarishein, Ocean, Alag Aasmaan, Mishri.


Now he is one guy who rules my Spotify chart as well as my heart. Saying he is one of the most genuine music composers and singers would be an understatement. Just like Anuv Jain, his songs are a clear reflection of the heart’s deepest felt emotions during sadness and misery. Of all the people mentioned above, he is one guy who is not that well known and, this pisses me off! I firmly believe that this guy deserves to be a part of your playlist.

His signature husky vocals dominate his songs, while his crystalline tenor accompanied by delicate and lingering finger-picking translates seamlessly into the dreamy, dreary moodscape of introspective bittersweet memories.

Song Recommendation: Ghar, Tu Hoti Toh, Muddat, Guroor, Tinka, Victoria, Vasl, Werhey.


Much like his counterparts, Osho uses ukelele, acoustic guitar and throws some subtle keys to the mix here and there. But what sets him apart from the rest is his extraordinary lyricism which is closer to spoken word poetry than anything else. His voice is clear, crisp, and rock-solid and conveys an underlying sense of emotional wreckage that bears the burden.

Song Recommendation: Khush to Hai Na, Kya Pata, Khud Se, Dheere Dheere, Hichkiyaa.

This was all about my pick of singers that I felt need more recognition than they do. As music tastes vary, you might feel differently. In the end, I will conclude by reciting an ode to all the underrated artists, unattended people, and unsung heroes.

“You ask me what I’m looking for, and I outline you. You don’t recognize the shape, offer other names. You say my time will come, and I hope.”

Keep going. Keep inspiring us with your music. Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time. Just hang in there! Your time will come.


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