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2 months into the Corona lockdown and I had already exhausted all my watchlist. Every movie, web series, and even documentaries, which I was supposed to watch throughout this whole year completed within the first 2 months of the lockdown. Now I’m jobless for real. I was so bored that at one point in time, thoughts of studying crept into my mind. But I was quick to let go of that thought.

So during one of those boring halting days, I decided to check on one of my oldest school friends. I texted him maybe after an eternity or so asking what he’s been up to this lockdown. I was pretty sure that he would reciprocate by saying he too wasn’t doing great. But to my surprise, he replied opposite of what I had expected. He said he’s doing great and enjoying every second of it, notwithstanding the global pandemic and the potential cold war of course.

So I asked him what’s his dirty little secret of doing great. (though he’d made a new GF or something) Without any second thoughts, he replied- “Even better, I’ve been watching Anime all this while.”

Now, from a very young age, I have been a huge critic of this thing called ” Anime “. I just didn’t get how can someone watch Anime particularly because of this stereotype I had that- “it’s just some stupid cartoon with some stupid logic.”

I was utterly convinced that I’m never going to watch any Anime series ever in my life.

But now with all my watchlist exhausted, I had 2 options : • Watch anime • Study

In the end, it turned out to be a no-brainer. Watching Anime it was.

Though I must say, I was pretty skeptical about it and was judging my sanity after taking that decision but ultimately I decided to go for it.

The very first Anime I decided to watch was “Attack on Titan” or should I write ” 進撃の巨人 ” (Shingeki no Kyojin ). Saying that I absolutely L- O – V – E – D it, would be an understatement. Without mentioning any plot summaries or spoilers, I’ll just say-

Stop whatever you’re doing at the moment and watch it!

It has 59 episodes in total with every episode being 20 minutes odd and it hardly took me a week for completion. I got so hooked to it that nothing else really mattered in my life at that point in time.

After completing the series, I knew I was screwed because now I had started to love the very thing, which I had once sworn to destroy. But I guess it was too late to turn back as I already had developed a craving for such mouth watering content.

As it stands, I’ve already completed Anime series like – One Punch Man, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Bleach, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Demon Slayer and Your Lie in April. Not to mention, countless anime movies, I’ve seen in between those series. Each series and movies being a must-watch before the sweet release of death from this morbid life.

So yeah, it would be safe to say that now I’m officially an Otaku (Japanese: おたく or オタク) and a life long Admirer of everything “Anime” and now there’s no shame in admitting it.

But what I’ve realized after this whole episode with my new Animé addiction is that if I had followed this hate for anime that I had developed during my childhood, I would have missed out on one of the best things that have happened in my life till now. I have cried and laughed and felt a myriad of emotions I did not think I would ever feel thanks to anime.

So allow me to conclude this informal, not so-specific article by quoting one of my favourite actor Samuel L. Jackson.

“I love Anime and Hentai too.”


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