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Anti-Hero's Lavender Haze

Philosophically flawed, romantically deprived, once lived a boy

Rampaging violently, passing through every friendship and relationship he tried

Apathetic he became, gave up on the idea of love and joy

Considered the heart just a pumping organ, soon he forgot how to cry

He made a vow to himself that he'll never fall for anyone ever

Ironically, he didn't know that the next time he'll fall in love, it was going to last forever

Intoxicated and intrigued by the charm of this, someone new

Lost, he felt, fell in love again before he even knew

Intimidated and outraged by the ghosts of the past, he decided not to stay

Knowing full well that love's just a facade, these feelings will eventually go away

Entered she, radiating and illuminating light so serene and bright

Yes, this time, the feelings were mutual. He didn't have to fight.

Once in a lifetime, relation it was, he knew it. He was sure of it this time.

Until the end of this life, I'll be hers, and she'll only be mine.


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