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Atychiphobia, oh fearful foe,

How you grip and bind us so,

With every failure, you grow strong,

And make us doubt where we belong.

You whisper in our ears at night,

Filling us with dread and fright,

Making us afraid to even try,

For fear of failure and the sighs.

But listen close, my dear friend,

For failure is not the end,

It’s but a step on the path of life,

And a lesson to help us strive.

So do not let atychiphobia win,

Let your courage and strength begin,

For though failure may come to call,

It’s not the end, you will stand tall.

So face your fears with head held high,

And chase your dreams with a gleaming eye,

For atychiphobia may lurk and roam,

But it cannot hold you back from home.

With every step that we take,

We leave our fears in our wake,

And though atychiphobia may loom,

We know that it cannot consume.

For we are stronger than our doubts,

And we will rise above our bouts,

With every challenge that we face,

We grow and learn at our own pace.

So do not let atychiphobia define,

The person that you are inside,

For you are capable of so much more,

Than what you ever thought before.

Embrace the failures and the falls,

And learn from them, stand up tall,

For atychiphobia may come and go,

But your spirit will continue to glow.

So take a step and then another,

And never let atychiphobia smother,

The fire that burns inside of you,

For it will guide you to all that’s true.


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