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A Journey Unexpected...

In the dim light of evening, I begin a quest,

An uncertain journey, where paths twist and jest.

Excitement and nerves intertwine in my soul,

As destiny calls with its mysterious role.

Unfamiliar roads await, twisting and turning,

Like unsolved riddles, with puzzles still burning.

I step into the unknown, with a curious heart,

Where fate weaves its intricate art.

Through valleys of doubts and mountains of fears,

I wander, hoping clarity will soon draw near.

Life's compass spins, an uncertain guide,

Yet I embrace the thrill, with nothing to hide.

This journey holds a tale yet untold,

A story unfolding, so mysterious and bold.

Like a tangled tapestry woven in the night,

Each thread a secret, yet to come to light.

The path unfurls, like ribbons in the breeze,

Each bend and detour, a puzzle to appease.

But I march with a smile, my spirit unwavering,

For it's the journey that matters, I keep savoring.

Life's destination, a distant silhouette,

But worry not, for I am unbothered, I bet.

Amidst the whirlwinds of choices I face,

I find solace in laughter, a saving grace.

So let the winds of uncertainty blow,

In this waltz of life, I shall merrily flow.

For with each step I take, a lesson's won,

And through it all, I find joy in the unknown.

The symphony of life, both comic and profound,

Unfolds in every step, like an echoing sound.

So, I'll cherish this journey, no matter its guise,

For whatever may come, I'll savor the surprise.

I will savor the surprise<3

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Aditya Hridyam
Aditya Hridyam
Aug 04, 2023

So beautiful ❤️

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