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During one of the most challenging chapters of my life, I found solace and inspiration in the lyrics of a song that holds a very special place in my heart. As I navigated through the storms of uncertainty, I turned to the power of words to capture the essence of those moments. This poem became a canvas upon which I painted those raw and poignant emotions that defined that period. The lines may not depict perfection, but they hold a sweetness that resonates deeply within that moment, a reminder that even amidst misery and chaos, there is a touch of something enchanting and it will be as sweet as it seems

As sweet as it seems,

A dream of a 96 or 99 gleams.

Parents howling, their voices loud,

Some with sweets, others wear a shroud.

Children crying for fruits already ripe,

But for privileged flies, it's not enough, they gripe.

Roaring people on the public forum,

Sharing strategies, for a war-like norm.

As vicious as it seems, teachers deem,

"The child is mine, I taught this dream."

Playing with their feelings, treating them as toys,

Marks and ranks, devoid of honor and poise.

The system is rotten, we can't deny,

Some try to kill, while others strive.

Negative peers with shattered dreams,

Pulling the child into a darkness that teems.

Sooner or later, the darkness envelopes him,

Taking him away from reality's brim.

But these stories are rarely told,

Unheard, they don't fit the folklore mould.

Always inspired by those with bright eyes,

High ranks, and perfect timetables, we idolize.

Parents trade their children's numbers away,

The higher the value, the purer they say.

As curious as he may seem,

His curiosity gets killed within a year or three.

Some take a drop, some their lives,

Others move on like a warrior in disguise.

The perfect section gets its destination by noon,

The almost-perfect ones have to be perfect soon.

Time marches on, showing no grace,

Preaching perfection, a never-ending chase.

Yet a perfect first step does not guarantee,

A life of perfection, forever free.

It's the effort and will that truly matter,

In the pursuits of dreams, we all scatter.

So live with joy and embrace the unknown,

For life's mysteries shall be shown.

With determination, forge your own way,

Find pleasure and meaning, come what may.

With determination and passion in our sight,

We'll make the journey worthwhile, day and night.

Through fun and laughter, let our lives thrive,

In the pursuit of knowledge, we shall derive.

Efforts will lead us to treasure and pleasure,

A life lived with purpose, an eternal measure.

In the sweetness that lies beyond our dreams,

May we find joy as sweet as it seems.


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