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All the life I fought, I persevered, I fell, now death is near. I can hear it, whispering in my ears. Your time has come, pensioner. It’s the end of all your years.

When I was young, I had like a million dream. I wanted to achieve so much. But at the end of it, all I can do is grim.

I tried my best, didn’t I? No, I could have done much better. At the end of it, I won’t lie.

But now it’s too late. And all I have is regret. Regret that I didn’t do enough. Regret that I gave up on those million dreams. Regret that all I can do in the end is a scream.

As death touched my body, to inherit my soul. It was just this one question that reverberated and made a call.

Did my life matter, After all my dreams got shattered?


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