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Back To December

Bittersweet memories fill my mind,

All the moments we left behind.

Can’t help but feel the weight of regret,

Knowing I let go of a friend I should’ve kept.

Time has passed since that December day,

Open wounds still ache in their own way.

December winds whisper your name,

Eager to rewind and undo the pain.

Missed chances and words left unsaid,

Bringing tears to eyes that once shone instead.

Every night, I reminisce and remember,

Replaying the scenes from that fateful December.

To turn back time, to make amends,

Obliterate the heartache, and make us friends.

Maybe in another time, another place,

Bring back the friendship we lost, and its embrace.

Eyes closed, I dream of a December revival,

Remembering the warmth of our friendship survival.


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