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Stuck in a phase of complexity

Where every path seems blocked.

You know, you’ve been working meticulously

Still, the door to success seems locked.

Wondering, where did it all go wrong there?

When all you gave was your best.

Pondering if you even belong here

Are you even better than the rest?

You think it is time for you to give up

Cause your efforts don’t convert into results.

What if you’ve been an imposter, whole life?

Now it’s time when praises turn into insults.

But just when you were about to give up on everything

Suddenly, there seemed to be an escape door out.

Something is always better than nothing

Thinking so, you chill out.

And then, you catch your second breath

You’re up and ready to give it another go.

Perspiring all your hard work at length

It’s time the world witnesses your show.


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